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Let’s go through the free to the most expensive options to replace your shattered, cracked or broken iphone 4 screen. I was desperate because I certainly wasn’t going to wait until the iphone 5 came out to replace my broken screen. I was out of warranty and my upgrade option wasn’t coming for another 4 months.

Call the Apple Store or Go Online to Make a Genius Bar Appointment – After you finish getting over the reality that you dropped your iphone 4, call your local Apple store or better yet, make a Genius Bar appointment online. Don’t go rushing over to the apple store unless it is at a weird time of day where the store is liable to be empty, say 11:22 on a random Tuesday morning. You likely WON’T be seen if you are coming in without an appointment and the store is super busy. And if you are all in a panic, you are probably not to be in a position to put your sad whiney face on. This is apart of the next step.

Go to your Genius Bar Appointment-Put your sad face on and tell the genius at Apple what happened. And remember to TELL THE TRUTH. This is not the time to make stuff up. Your cellphone did not just combust in your pocket waiting in line at the Starbucks. It wasn’t a strange defect you heard Steve Jobs was looking into. You dropped it. Any warranty or phone coverage you may still have will not cover at fault behavior. The Genius Bar will give you a few options. THEY MAY be able to perform a good will one time replacement of your entire phone. Or you might have to fork over $199 for a new screen. Whatever the case is, always remember to be nice, friendly and straightforward about what happened. Also, be reminded that this goodwill iphone replacement may only happen ONE time. So do not think you can drop your phone in 25 years and expect apple to not remember when you were 26 and came in. You may be 51 and look nothing like your youthful self of the last; but Apple keeps records.

Check online at Amazon for an iphone screen replacement, if the Genius Bar cannot help you – there are lots of kits that enable you to fix your shattered phone.

Go online and research reputable sites and other techs that can fix your cracked iphone 4 for a fair price.

Seriously, just remember that when you drop your iphone 4 you have dozens of options for repair. You can replace iphone glass. And there is an apple iphone screen replacement available without having to buy a new wireless phone.

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